The Blog That Isn’t a Blog

Yes, my title is a tribute to Peter Kay, who had me rolling and laughing at the SECC last month.  Thanks Peter; I rocked!

So, if you’re like me you peer at blogs for a total of ten seconds then move on to surfing the net for gag inspiring material.  And I don’t mean trying to find the elusive LEAKED! Osama Bin Laden’s death video that’s planting a virus in your Facebook account as you read because you just couldn’t help but click it.  My link, by the way, will explain to you why you shouldn’t.

So I’ll make this brief..

A Fall to See a Fall

This week began with an interesting parallel – Osama Bin Laden was shot after resisting arrest armed with nothing but wife number three’s kneecaps and on the same day, I fell arse first into the River Nevis resisting what I thought would be a way too perilous rope bridge.  As it turned out, the stepping stone crossing I took by detour to get a closer look at the magnificent Steall Falls was WAY more perilous.  I don’t take slipping off wet rocks lightly either.  Flailing around at a complete horizontal, (and not in a good way), making sure even my head got soaked for the amusement of a LOT of Bank Holiday tourists was much more my style.  My bruised and battered ego began to get better when I spied five family members rushing towards me with worried looks on their faces.  Then I heard,

“My phone!”
“My fags!”
“My jumper!”

I was then further soaked as they splashed about all around me rescuing the various articles I had been carrying for everyone.  Kids.  You gotta love ’em.  They ‘don’t gotta’ care a crap about you…

See the photo’s from the family jaunt through Nevis Gorge – sorry to disappoint – there’s none of me falling in.

Thanks.  You have been watching @hell4heather.  Do come back again – hell, bring friends!



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