Love To My Kids – When Are You Leaving Home Again?

Tweeted by me last night:

“I don’t know.. can’t a woman walk round her own house in her underwear without her kids begging her to get them a psychiatrist?”

A lot of my tweets are tongue in cheek and many are based on some version of true goings on in our bustling household.  On this occasion, the request for psychiatric intervention was quite real.  But then, my twelve year old son has a wit twice the speed of my own.  In fact, I’m often heard telling him what a charming little wit he truly is…

If you’re a parent, you won’t need me to tell you there is NOTHING like having kids to boost your self image.   Attempting to trip quickly from the bathroom into my bedroom in my undies one night, I ran smack bang into two of my sons, leaving them with looks of shock – and terror – on their faces. Here was the ensuing conversation:

Eldest: “Oh well, I’ve seen worse.”

Youngest (looking appalled):

“HOW have you seen worse?!?”

When I said, “My son has Childline on speed dial.  Suddenly beating him has become an exhilarating race,”  that was of course, not true.  But a very real fantasy.  We Mum’s need visualisations to get us through since the lovely Clare Rayner spearheaded a ‘don’t smack the children’ campaign here in Britain.  OK, I concur.  But can I just occasionally ‘pffft’ them with a tea towel as they walk by, purely for therapeutic reasons?

It’s the simple pleasures I live for…

Five Go Swimming – that’s me under the lilo. Just before I let them all down 😉


3 thoughts on “Love To My Kids – When Are You Leaving Home Again?”

  1. Five?? Oh geeze. I only have two and they suck the life out of me daily (it’s amazing how much I love them despite this). How you’re not locked in a padded room muttering about tea and biscuits is nothing short of a miracle. You must have darling, helpful children.

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