Culturally speaking I’m Ignorant

Note to self: When someone in an Art Gallery asks you in an interview situation if you have heard of Peter Howson the answer is not

“isn’t he that actor from Bread?”

I actually scare myself when I try to act all cultured and knowledgeable about the arts, but in truth I never had to do it in important, gis-a-job-please situations before now. In the past it’s just been something I’ve casually thrown into conversation when trying to impress a new fella who happened to turn up to a date wearing a tie (therefore pre-determined as a man of culture in my world). You know,    things l that really grab the rich guy, like

“Where are we Van Goghing then?” *snort*

Yep, this is why I’m still poor…

But here’s the thing; I had arranged to meet with the management of the Glasgow based gallery for a little chat and so perused their website for a good few hours to do my homework and for the first time in my life, I fell in love with art.  Just like that!  Not that I could ever afford to buy any.  But the job clincher may have been my not-so-considered question, after a tour of the gallery:

“Coo, can you pay me in paintings?”

The children are now overjoyed to know that dinner this evening will be beans on toast, under a Joe O’Brien masterpiece…. AS IF!


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