Top Five Reasons To Have a Blog Called Top Five Reasons

I’ve been reading up on how to attract a larger blog readership and the consensus is, create an eyecatching, numbered list post. So here is mine.  Like it?  If four hundred of you do then the blog bloffins are right.

This morning I tweeted that I was going jogging for the first time and instantly, lots of personal trainers began following me on Twitter.  Sorry guys, I can’t afford you but it was fun looking at all your avatar pictures,  I worked up a sweat all over again!  Which leads me to the reason I have now left the local gym.  Apart from my new, I’m going to write and be sucessful yes-I-am poverty, there was that embarrassing point in my induction day when, by the time I’d been given a tour of the gym by the gorgeous, half my age fitness instructor, I was embarrassed to discover I could retrace my steps to get back out again easily by following the line of drool.

So, having painstakingly jogged to the bank – the shop – and then home again today, here are my top five reasons to take up running.  Afterall, I’m an expert now(!):

  1. You can terrify lone female dog walkers with your heavy breathing
  2. Impossibly gorgeous men pass you and nod to show their respect at your fitness efforts.  NB check they aren’t trying to make you aware that your oversized leggings are slipping down your backside before nodding back though..
  3. You only live once. May as well make it hurt to feel alive.
  4. It makes your lungs stronger.  Your kids will love you for being able to shout more effectively and passive smoking will be much less of an effort.
  5. It increases your metabolism.  Because you never know when you might need to strengthen your faith in metabs.

I’m off to drink a smoothie to continue my ‘holier than thou quest,’ although judging by the state of my running socks this might be mission achieved.  Five parts vodka = 5 a day right?


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