Star Stalking Across The Twitterverse

Have you ever noticed how people love to brag when they finally get that elusive tweet from their idols?  And after only a hundred and fifty nine arduous hours of trying? Aparently, you can set mobile alerts so that the second your favourite celebrity tweets, you can immediately respond and get noticed at the top of a timeline.  Useful. Given that it probably looks a lot like the current email inbox of every CEO from a company that advertises in The News of The World.  I hate doing all that 😉

Recently, one of my older brothers joined Twitter and immediately began tweeting all his heroes.  Note: none of them were me!  What’s that about?  Since I don’t call him Pig Face anymore, I do think we’ve moved on since we were enbroiled in childish sibling rivalry and can be occasional ‘his-brandy’ sharing friends.  Maybe my suggesting the name @PigFace for Twitter didn’t help?  Anyhoo, it is amusing to watch him chatter away to himself like the days of our youth after he went first in a game of ‘Take It In Turns To Stay Awake’ at night.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

While my brother is  busy telling @themichaelowen that Ryan Giggs should win ‘Player of the Year,’ there are thousands of poor young girls tweeting “hey @jtimberlake *cough* it’s National Kissing Day!”  Like he’s going to realise he forgot and spend all day reading all the messages and post x’s to everyone.  Justin – leave me out OK? I’m fine.  (…Love you X)

But seriously. Stop going on about famous folk tweeting you.  You are but one second in their thoughts… wait..I was one second in their thoughts?!?

And PLEASE don’t send comedians your bad taste jokes in a sad attempt to get noticed.

I know who the culprits are….

In Edinburgh on 19th July?  Go see the wonderfully funny (and incredibly kind) Jo Caulfield’s Stand Collective
PS. Don’t tell her I let the ‘kind’ thing out of the bag…. 😉


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