What I Ate For Breakfast and Other Fascinating Insights

With this new age of Social Media, people are constantly producing their innermost thoughts, feelings and this-is-what-I-had-for-breakfast updates online for the world to see. Things like,

“Having Mum’s home made curry for tea, I may move into the bathroom for a week,”


“Woo-hoo it’s Friday!  Time to get drunk and flash the doorman at Bamboo 51 to get in!”

And so, I have decided it’s time to ban my kids from Facebook, whilst also removing them from my ‘family connections’ list.  Just in case I ever win the Booker Prize…

My share for today is what I have recently been reading – a fantastically funny and honest account of  Ben Hatch and his family’s 8000 mile road trip round Britain, entitled “Are We Nearly There Yet?”  If you are a parent and have travelled anywhere with young children and don’t laugh, cry and occasionally inhale chips up your nasal passage (just me then?) while reading this,  I’ll eat my chips after I’ve finished books in future.

What I particularly enjoyed about this read, was not only relating completely to a great many of the stories and situations contained within, but also having been to many of the places the Hatch family visit with my own children over the years, I was gifted an extra giggle at the memories Ben’s account conjured up for me personally.   Including the re-enactment in a darkened room of the murder of Sir Faulk Greville at Warwick Castle, where actors frequently jump out at you in the corridors and shout “Murder!”  An experience I successfully coaxed my reluctant eight year old into, who then triggered his joke fart machine every time one of the actors shouted at him, resulting in the whole group erupting in laughter when we were supposed to be frightened out of our wits.  Being given ‘the angry stare’ as you are ushered out by a bunch of actors is no laughing matter, let me tell you 😉

My own travels with children have been fraught with similar frustrations, hiccups and golden moments of hilarity to those in the book, with the added problem of having to sneak around avoiding the traffic police with five children in vehicles without enough seats – skilfully hiding one or two at my feet or in the boot.  I should mention finances forced this upon us, but I certainly don’t condone or recommend it. My son threw up all over my shoes on one occasion.  You can’t be too careful.  (I’m guessing no one is going to pay me to write a ‘travels with children’ guidebook anytime soon…)

Ben, Phoebe and Charlie Hatch

So read it, read it!  You can buy Ben’s wonderful book HERE  And after you’ve read it, come back here again next week.

Then, I’ll tell you what I had for breakfast 🙂

PS – If you want a few belly laughs you can
a) view my holiday pics on Facebook or
b) go see Jo Caulfield at The Stand in Edinburgh this week


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