Must Write This, Then Get Back To Writing


Let’s see how well you know me.

This Christmas period, did I:

  1. Bake a wall of mince pies, hide behind it, then launch them as rock hard missiles at my unsuspecting kids for kicks;
  2. Become a crusader for Greenpeace, tackle world poverty and recognise the Island State of Kiribati by it’s tiny cluster of islets and proximity to New Zealand or
  3. Start writing some material for a new live panel game show to be performed at Edinburgh Comedy Stand?

The answer is of course…

4.  I would never execute a surprise attack on my own kids, using perfectly good pastry, as long as there are huge cushions in the house; I HATE mouldy sandwiches; couldn’t tackle a small fire and have never recognised anything on a world map I didn’t accidentally drop on it.  Oh, and I did submit writing, some of which I’m looking forward to hearing performed by members of The Edinburgh Comedy Collective over the next few weeks.

All clear now?  Me neither…

(Insert ticket promotiony-type thingy

If you happen to be in Edinburgh for any one of these riotous, more-fun-for-a-fiver-than-a-Babysham-and-dvd-at-home shows, don’t wear riot gear.  You’ll scare the comedians.

See you there!  Unless you are a resident of Kiribati; in which case, I’ll never find you.


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