A Christmas Gift With Love

Below is a rare, serious excerpt from a book idea I have scribbled in one of the many ‘ideas’ writing pads – an outtake if you like. It’s important to be bold, be yourself and be versatile in your writing. Thank you for bringing this blog to almost NINE THOUSAND reads in time for Christmas. This is my gift to you.

When Shakespeare wrote the line, ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,’ he was talking to you. No, not you in the book, YOU.

You on a 7.35am London bus heading to work. You clinging to a grab rail on the tube while holding my words in the other. You shining cellphone light across a darkened bedroom while a partner snores beside you, after having not made love to you again tonight. Who felt pain of rejection and grasped it to yourself like it was born from you. YOU.

Shakespeare meant that what matters is what something is, not what it is called. Not the gift wrap it is presented in or the labels it has collected along the pathway of life. What you are is what’s important.

Lyricists who have written of love, said, ‘there’ll never be another you,’ and ‘nobody does it better’. They also meant YOU. Don’t believe me? Let me explain…

Do you like coffee? Correction. Do you love coffee?

For those of us that do, nothing lifts us like the smooth aroma of loveliness we experience when putting our nose over a newly opened jar of our favourite coffee in the morning and breathing in. Deep, rich, awakening; the smell that makes you thirsty.  You could almost drink the grains but you know they won’t taste as good as they smell without the addition of water, perhaps milk, or an indulgent lacing of silky, thick, sumptuous, cream. The real taste of the grain is bitter and coarse, yet the smell carries true coffee lovers away to Brazil on a cloud of ‘it’s a great morning’ delight. Coffee. Even the word makes you salivate if this is your cup of choice. Feel that pungent, brown velvet coffeeness fill your lungs right now. You can taste it can’t you? A bean by any other name wouldn’t smell as sweet.

All the senses you awaken when experiencing the aroma of that which you love is the way I guarantee a person has felt when breathing you in. You have given someone joy. You have delivered a simultaneous jolt of joy and anguish to the heart of another merely by entering a room. Your presence, no matter who you are, has made at least one person’s day at some point. For them, nobody did it better, there’ll never be another you and a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. They need to have what you are. YOU.

So, not everyone likes coffee. No matter. If the whole world was made up entirely of people with exactly the same tastes, who would ever feel motivation or need to bring it new, exciting things? A world with people that all look the same; art that now appears uniform, written works that only need speak to a single audience, never reaching to capture an imagination that’s free to explore?

We are all different. Thank God for that.

Without diversity, there is no debate. Without debate, there is no exchanging of opinions, no pooling of ideas, no move for change or improvement. No need to be different or unique. Who wants a world of sameness?

Look at yourself right now. Go on, really look. Check out your reflection in the tube window opposite; get out of bed and take in the soft, fleshful delight of your own face and body; a body that has lived and loved. Only this time stop looking with your eyes and look with the eyes of that person that once breathed you in like smooth, darkly aromatic coffee and was lifted.

‘All you need is love,’ said the late, great, John Lennon.

You are beautiful, unique and somebody has loved you. Maybe it’s high time for you to love you too. To have love in your life is as necessary as breathing and the first – even only – place it must come from is YOU.

Merry Christmas xxx

My book, The New Mrs D, is all about one woman’s hilarious, yet poignant journey to make peace with her true self. I hope to be able to bring it to your bookshelves soon! Read all about it HERE


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