“The New Mrs D” by Heather Hill

A lovely ‘The New Mrs D’ review from Alicia Silverstone. I’m so grateful to Alicia for her time and consideration in offering this. It has really made my day 🙂

Tales From a Bruce Eye View

I’ve been following the very chuckle worthy Heather Hill for a while now.  Not in a real life stalker way, you understand.  Just on the internet.  That sounds worse.  I just read her tweets and her blogs. Nothing weird.  I first came across this funny lady last year and have been enjoying her posts every since.  So, when I discovered that she was publishing her debut novel, I jumped at the chance to have a sneaky pre-published peek to review for her.


The New Mrs D, or Binnie, is a happy go lucky kind of gal who finally finds herself, despite growing up with a narcissistic mother and living with a porn-obsessed husband.  She waits until the second day of her honeymoon to discover all of this, and then sends her new hubby packing, but that’s Binnie!

Ms Hill whisks off to the Greek Islands for a colourful adventure. …

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