Interviewing Myself – Meet: Bernice Dando

Meet My Character – A Blog Hop

You know you’ve really made the big time when you decide to interview yourself about your new book. Which, for those that don’t know or visit often, is called, ‘The New Mrs D’.

But, actually, the lovely Anna Mansell invited me on a blog hop and, once I’d ascertained there was no physical exercise required, I jumped at the chance – metaphorically speaking.

So here it is, my interview with me. Although, at least one of these characters may have been changed in order to protect their identity.

Me:So, what is the name of your main character? Is he/she real or fictitious?

Me2 (The one that wrote the book)My main character is called Bernice, although her husband calls her ‘Binnie’.  Interestingly, she hates this nickname but has adopted it, even referring to herself as Binnie in the beginning of the book. This is because she has a codependent personality due to being raised by a narcissistic mother. One of the traits of codependency is taking on other’s views as your own;  pushing your own thoughts and feelings out of your awareness because of fear and guilt and a wish to please others.

Bernice is very much fictitious, although she is an amalgamation of several people I have known.

Me: When and where is the story set?

Me2: It’s set in a beautiful, small, non-touristy island in Greece, which is exactly where I wish I was now so I could get on with the sequel. Please send plane tickets.

Me: What should we know about him or her?

Me2: That she doesn’t mince her words, is perfectly flawed and that she has a wicked and sometimes dark/gallows’ humour. Oh and she swears a lot – but frequently wishes she didn’t. This is also a symptom of her own lack of self worth; she even tries to suppress her natural personality so as not to displease others.

Me: What is her main conflict?

Me2: She is just five days into her second marriage – and on honeymoon – when she realises her husband is addicted to porn. She knew he had used it in the past, but didn’t realise it was an addiction. He can’t stop and it is becomes painfully clear it is the only way he can achieve sexual gratification. Her dilemma is deciding whether this is a good enough reason to leave, particularly as their marriage has only just begun. She is hurt, degraded and heartbroken but grapples with the notion that society would expect her to stay and work on it with him, despite his inability to take the problem seriously. She does believe in marriage and using porn is – in her eyes – probably not generally considered as actual infidelity. Is it a good enough reason to leave? She knew he’d done it before, she knows there are women who don’t mind and indeed share a taste for porn with their partners; is it her problem or his?

Me: What is Bernice’s Goal?

Me2: First and foremost, it is to get as far away from her husband as she can and just have some me time. Doing this on your honeymoon is, I grant you, rather unusual but after a shaky start she begins to enjoy the ride and find out a lot about herself. There are other goals too, which fall by the wayside – like keeping herself covered up and not making a fool of herself. But she fails at these – sometimes in a seriously spectacular fashion.

How come you’re writing this on Friday when your blog hop slot was Monday?

Me2: That wasn’t one of the questions!

Me: I know, just tell everyone how you are off on holiday tomorrow, to a beautifully remote part of northern Scotland.

Me2: Oh yes, I’m off to Sutherland tomorrow for a relaxing week away. Thanks for reading; possibly while I will be looking at this and not feeling at all bad in my swimming costume:

Photo is Balnakeil beach in Sutherland

And so, onward with that baton – to Trish Hills. Trish and her fiancé have recently decided to leave the rat race and move into a caravan while doing up a bus to tour the UK in. She is a wannabe writer, a bookworm and blogger at

And to Kate Wilson. Kate is a blogger, arts professional and aspiring writer. She currently works for Literature Works, the South West Literature Development Agency where she supports a range of projects including Exeter Poetry Festival and Plymouth International Book Festival. For Kate there are few greater pleasures than curling up with a good book and you can keep track of what she’s reading on her blog: www. 


8 thoughts on “Interviewing Myself – Meet: Bernice Dando”

  1. Hello Heather. I’ve been following you for a few months now and I’ve just enjoyed your face-to-face interview, or at least it would have been if you used a mirror at the time.
    Like you, I’ve had a holiday in Scotland (Glencoe), but now I’m back (in England – as a spy), working on the finishing touches of my latest thriller. I’ve been looking forward to your ‘Mrs D’ so I’m heading off now to put some money in your account. I’ll get on and write a review for you afterwards.

    1. Aww thank you Kindly Tom 🙂 I will look forward to reading your review, you’ll be the second male author to do it! Dylan Hearn posted one last week which was lovely. It’s really good of you thanks x PS the drive through Glencoe is my favourite road in the world

  2. Your selfie-view made me laugh! I’m off on holiday in August so will put your book on my must-read-it list. Good luck with it

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