Standing On My Tiptoes

Today is another day on the emotional roller-coaster known as ‘trying to succeed as a writer,’ because this arrived:

In truth, I had a little cry, thought of my long passed father and looked up to the heavens to say, ‘I did it dad.’

I didn’t sell a million copies, win a book deal or become a famous author; I just made a book I could hold in my hand at last, after a long time of thinking I might never see it in print. And the first thing I wanted to do was tell my dad. The message might well have missed him, because I’m not sure he is flying about up in the sky to be honest, but he’ll understand the sentiment.

So here it is and I’m sad I had to do it myself, but I wrote a book and I got it printed. Now I don’t have to go through life wondering, ‘what if I’d tried?’

At five foot nothing, I have spent many hours standing in crowds on my tiptoes to be able to see and have people see me. To me, self publication feels like that. So, in some ways, I’m experienced.

The New Mrs D is available as an eBook on Amazon and will be available on paperback this week. I hope you will look up to see little me.

Many, many times I have said this but I shall take this opportunity to say it again:

If to see your own work in print feels like something that’s only in your dreams, all you have to do is open your eyes and get to work. You may only sell one copy (to your sister) or a hundred copies (to yourself) and then have to store them in the garage. But you will never again have to wonder, ‘what if I’d tried?’

Do it X

From the brilliant, indie published poet Erin Hansen
From the brilliant, indie published poet Erin Hansen

11 thoughts on “Standing On My Tiptoes”

  1. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you, Heather. And this is wonderful inspiration for me too. I got a little taste of what that might feel like when I had my blog printed in hardcover book form. The moment I opened that package and held “my book” in my hands was one I’ll never forget. It showed me that I had already produced a lot more writing than I’d realized (the book was more than an inch thick at 8×11″ size).
    Thanks for sharing this motivational story today!

    1. Wow that is a big book! Thank you Kim. I know there will be many authors reading this that know what that feels like but I’d like to bet there will be four times as many people who haven’t done it yet, but want to. I’m 43 and this is all the time it has taken me because of fear: that I wasn’t good enough, that I would fail, that not everyone would like it (newsflash – not everyone WILL like it) – the list goes on. But it’s never too late and I’ve been so pleased with the feedback so far and the support has been phenomenal. I’d recommend it to anyone that feels they have a book inside of them. Mine is outside of me now and I’m looking at it like I laid an egg 😉 Here’s hoping it goes some way to feeding us LOL X

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