The New Mrs D Reviews

I’m extremely grateful to the very talented Fleur Ferris, Australian Author of Adult & Middle Grade Fiction, for taking the time and trouble to offer this thoughtful, honest and lovely review of The New Mrs D.




I first read THE NEW MRS D as a work in progress. I followed the author, Heather Hill, on Twitter and couldn’t help but pause on her tweets, tweet back and start chatty banter. Not only was Heather entertaining, but she also seemed genuine, funny, intelligent, serious, happy, sad, angry, witty, silly, honest… Heather’s mood and feelings came through every communication. Because of this, I thought her book would also be full of those emotions; full of the good stuff. I asked Heather if I could read THE NEW MRS D and I was lucky enough for her to say yes.

This book put me on the Greek Islands with forty-something-year-old, Binnie. Binnie made me laugh (a lot), cry, feel angry, ponder issues, call a struggling friend to see if she was all right, and remember people I dealt with when I worked with victims of domestic abuse. Her book was everything I thought it might be, and more.

Heather Hill takes a serious issue, one that is often spoken about in hushed tones, an issue that causes shame, embarrassment, fights and even separation/divorce and combines it with humour. This is no easy feat, yet Heather Hill achieves it.

The issue Heather Hill candidly brings to the table is pornography addiction. Mr D’s addiction to porn is out of control and has a huge detrimental effect on his relationship with Binnie. Binnie feels rejected and deceived and questions, is viewing and getting off on internet pornography the same as cheating?

Binnie struggles to find solutions she is happy to live with. Has she done the right thing by kicking her new husband out of her motel room, out of her honeymoon, out of her life? As Binnie seeks answers, she takes the reader on a wild and hilarious ride around the Greek Islands.

Those who read this book will be entertained, will laugh out loud, will fall in love with Binnie, and afterwards, will have very interesting conversations with their girlfriends.

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The New Mrs D is available to buy on Amazon


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